Garlic Planting Stock

- Organic planting garlic is only available seasonally from January to April

- Australian Grown organic garlic ideal for eating or using as planting stock

Note: We only have one variety for the 2024 season due to a shortage of Garlic and growers. In the past we have purchased off local growers that are no longer producing or selling via other avenues.  Due to the uncertainty of this we are now going to grow our own Garlic which will be ready for the 2025 season. We are planting Giant Russian, Southern Glen, Early Purple and Australian Purple, with good growing conditions these should be available in January 2025.

  • Garlic - Elephant/Giant Russian

    Garlic - Elephant/Giant Russian

    Garlic - Elephant/Giant Russian

    (Allium sativum) - Certified Organic Garlic - Australian Grown Ready to eat or planting out.  Elephant Garlic, also known as 'Giant Russian' has very la…