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Organic herb seeds for your garden. Heirloom seeds are excellent tasting abundant producers so you get the pick of the crop. Heirloom seeds yield the crop over a long period ensuring you get a extended harvesting time making the most of each plant. At Greenpatch we ensure our seeds are of excellent quality and only use the best varieties. Bulk herb seeds are available where possible to ensure cost effective seed availability for larger growers.

ALL SEED PACKETS  AUD $3.95 each - Members Price $3.55

Bulk seed prices as shown less 10% for Members.

W.A. Customers - We no longer post any seeds to WA.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

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  • Parsley - Curled

    Parsley - Curled

    Petroselinum crispum -  Organic - AusQual Certified   Parsley curled is a biennial to 90cm, compact curly foliage. Leaves used fresh or dried adding a…


  • Parsley - Italian

    Parsley - Italian

    Petroselinum crispum - Organic - AusQual Certified - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds   Italian Parsley is a biennial to 40cm with large flat leaves …


  • Plantain - Broadleaf

    Plantain - Broadleaf

    Plantago major -  Organic - AusQual Certified - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds   Plantain is a perennial native of Europe. Use young leaves in salad…
  • Purslane


    Portulaca oleracea sativa -  Organic - AusQual Certified - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds   Purslane is a annual edible succulent growing to 30cm hi…


  • Rocket - Salad

    Rocket - Salad

    Eruca sativa -  Organically Grown   Salad Rocket is a annual to 40cm with mild spicy leaves that can be used in salads and garnishes.  Very hardy and…


  • Sage - Common

    Sage - Common

    Salvia officinalis - Organically Grown   Sage is a perennial to 60cm, grey-green leaves and showy blue flower spikes. Bee attractant plant. Use heaves …
  • Salad Burnet

    Salad Burnet

    Poterium sanguisorba -  Organic - AusQual Certified - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds   Salad Burnett is a perennial to 45cm high. Leaves are commonl…


  • Thyme - Common

    Thyme - Common

    (Thymus vulgaris) - Organically Grown Thyme speaks for itself being a common herb regularly used throughout cooking. It is a evergreen culinary herb to 30cm …
  • Watercress - Officinalis

    Watercress - Officinalis

    Nasturtium officinalis -  Organic - AusQual Certified - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds   Watercress is a perennial creeper thriving in shallow wat…


  • Watercress - Upland

    Watercress - Upland

    Barbarea vulgaris  -  Organic - AusQual Certified - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds   Watercress Upland is also known as Upland Cress or Land Cre…


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