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    Corn Maize/Project

    In August 2013 we started the Corn/Maize Project to save, re-grow and preserve traditional varieties. It was heartening the interest this created from gardener's around Australia. We are on the lookout for pure non-hybrid varieties of sweet corn, maize and popcorn. Thank you to all who sent rare seeds of corn and maize which have been actively grown for years and used for food, made into flour and animal feed all around the world. With your help, we have been able to re-introduce 6 varieties and we are excited about the prospect of bringing more varieties back in the future!

    Heritage/Heirloom Varieties - 100% Non-Hybrid, Non GMO Seeds

    Heritage seeds are know to be more nutritious, have much better flavour, better pest resistance and produce over a longer period. They have been grown and passed down for generations and only the best fruit is selected for seed with the qualities of vigor and flavour in mind. What more do you need to know to grow heritage/heirloom varieties? 

    The majority of varieties listed are Heritage varieties, having been grown and established in Australia for over 50 years. Much care and commitment has been taken with seed production & quality. Our farm is used for preservation of heritage seeds and rare plants. We are supported by a handful of dedicated seed growers sharing the same passion.

    Heritage seeds are special. They have characteristics of great flavor, higher nutritional value, strong genetic make-up, longer harvesting periods, helps to maintain Bio-diversity, and of course you can save your own seed for next year's crop. All seeds are non-hybrid & non GMO.