Fig Edible - White Adriatic

Fig Edible - White Adriatic

Product Information

(Ficus carica) - Organic - AusQual Certified - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds

White Adriatic Fig has small fruit with a pale green/lime coloured skin when ripe, deep strawberry coloured flesh has a rich sweet flavour. White Adriatic is possibly the most intense flavoured fig in our range. Hardy fruiting tree to 5 metres, round spreading habit. Figs are easily kept to 2m tall. Large leaves, fruits from Summer-Autumn. Eaten fresh or dried. Will grow in most parts of Australia, prefers moist soil and dry atmosphere, deciduous and frost tolerant.

Figs can grow large or easily prunned maintaining them to no higher then 2m with a annual pruning during winter. This allows them to be easily covered with netting.

Available all year. Sold in 100mm tube pots. Grown from cuttings.

Product CodeFIG6LAB564