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  • Aerial Potato Plant


    Dioscorea bulbifera - Certified Organic Plants - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds

    Aerial Potato is a climbing perennial vine for warm sheltered position with large green leaves. Tubers formed on stems above ground up to 8cm in size - use as for potatoes. Extremely vigorous vine similar to choko.  Boil to remove toxins before eating. Also known as the ' Up - Yam' and 'Cheeky Yam'. The plant forms bulbils above the ground at the leaf axils, this is the preferred eating part of the plant. Harvest Bulbils from late summer through to winter in cooler climates, in warmer more tropical climates harvest year round.

    Growing Conditions & Care:

    If growing in a tropical climate the vine is evergreen, if growing in cooler climates it is known to be deciduous. Requires average to fertile soil to grow well. A trellis or support to climb on is recommended. To replant or extend your crop simply allow one of the bulbils to grow and place in desired location. Requires moderate watering to promote good fruit set, usually once a week deep watering during dry periods is sufficient. Space plants 15cm to 20cm apart.


    Aerial Potato has been known to be used as a fold remedy for conjunctivitis, diarrhea, dysentery. The flavour of this tuber can be slightly bitter, so it is recommended to boil in salty water before eating or cooking. Use as you would other yams, potato or sweet potato.

    Sold as a loose tuber - deciduous.