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  • Sunn Hemp


    (Crotalaria juncea) - Untreated Seed

    Sunn Hemp is a vigorous upright grower producing bulk organic matter. It has good nitrogen fixing ability and able to out compete weeds in good conditions. A taproot provides some dry hardiness but it prefers hot and wet conditions so additional water may need to be applied during dry times. Sunn Hemp is one of the worlds most popular cover cropping plants and for good reason, aside from improving soil, adding nitrogen to your ground it can also be used as a fibre similar to hemp.

    Livestock are best introduced slowly to a new legume such as Sunn Hemp. Use in small quantities in pasture mixes to begin with. 

    Sunn Hemp does require inoculation with Group I Rhizobium to fix nitrogen. This is available at the link below:

    How to Grow

    Seed can be broadcast into pasture before a rain event during warm weather and let sit. It will germinate in lower numbers using this method. Ideally the use of a seeder or applying a soil coverage over the seed of 2-3cm will give the best germination results. 

    Sow Spring-Summer

    1-3kg per acre as a mixed pasture.

    4-5kg per acre stand alone.

    Seed packet contains approx. 20g seeds