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  • Bee Attractant Mix - Autumn/Winter


    A mix of seeds producing flowers to feed the bee's - Certified Organic Seed

    Bee's are the most important workers in the garden pollinating flowers ensuring you get good fruit set for harvest. We regularly hear from customers they don't have bee's in their garden and often it is because there are no flowers for the bees to visit. Bee's love flowers that are the colour yellow, blue and purple, the flowers need to be high in pollen and nectar which is why we have created a mix that is sure to draw their attention.

    These varieties have been selected from years of experience organic gardening and seeing which annuals bee's go crazy for.

    Autumn/Winter mix contains Borage, Rocket, Catnip, Fennel, Brassica and Forgett Me Not.

    How to Grow

    You can sow this seed mixture into pots/containers or direct in the garden. The seeds supplied in this mix all germinate very easily to give you the best chance for success. Prepare the area you want to sow by mixing through some compost and a manure based fertiliser. Scatter the seeds evenly ensuring you have good spacing so each plant can get to it's full size. Cover the seed with soil as per the packets instructions and water in. Then it is patients until the plants begin to flower and you will begin to see bee's visiting regularly. Once the flowering has finished you can harvest the seed for re-sowing or you can let it down in place and hopefully it will self sow. Packet covers approximately 3m2 .

    Alternative Bee Attractors

    If you would prefer to grow perennials for your bees here are a few plant ideas that you can find on our website: SalviasPerennial Basil, Cat Thyme, Bergamot, Lavenders, Lemon Balm and Mints.