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  • Peanut


    (Arachis hypogaea) - Untreated Seed

    Peanuts are easy to grow almost being a plant and forget crop providing they get adequate moisture. Plant in rows after last frost during spring in the vegetable garden or pasture. It is a low bushy plant to 40cm high, harvest in late summer to autumn. Needs 5 months of warm weather to mature.

    As a pasture species it is a summer active perennial with good palatability and can handle moderate grazing pressure. It require wet summers for best growth. Require soil coverage for good germination so drilling is recommended. Sow at a rate of 10kg/ acre in a pasture mix.

    Sow during Spring.

    Seed packet contains approx 20 seeds

    100g contains approx 110 seeds

    Note: We have to sent peanuts in a little parcel as the seeds are prone to being crushed. This ensures they are well protected during transit. That is why shipping is $13 instead of the normal $4.