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  • Gomphrena - Purple


    (Gomphrena globosa) - Certified Organic Seed - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds

    Gomphrena is a beautiful flowering annual to 60cm with round purple and white flowers up to 2cm in size. They produce a mass of flowers over a long period of time, perfect for a splash of colour in the garden, boarders or a feature. Along with being very beneficial to bee and insects in your garden, Gomphrena is a lovely cut and/or dried flower. They are low maintenance and once established can handle drier conditions. 

    How to Grow

    Gomphrena is sown in spring - summer, using a seedling tray, cover the seed with 5mm of potting mix. Keep tray moist during germination period - but not water logged. When plants reach 5cm they are ready to be transplanted into the garden 40cm apart. Flowers will appear in Summer and continue on through Autumn. If your plant is getting a bit leggy, pinch out the tips to encourage new growth, resulting in a bushier fuller plant. 

    Sow Spring Summer 

    Seed packet contains approx 60 seeds. Seed is extremely light - Estimation is 5g contains approximately 1000 seeds.

    90 days to Maturity/Flowering 


    Excellent cut or dried flower. Beneficial to bees. butterflies and insects.