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    Vege Net Vegetable Netting 12m x 10m


    - Pre pack 12m x 10m

    - Netting hole size is 1mm x 3mm

    - Net Weight is 45gsm

    Very popular netting allowing you to minimise spraying and increase your vegetable garden harvest picking ripe fruit off your tomatoes, fruit trees and lush winter greens.

    Light and durable knitted net. UV stabalised. White in colour, provides 8% shade. Great for covering fruit & vegies. Keeps out major and minor pests such as fruit fly, cabbage moth and many others. Maintains good air flow and water passes through easily.



    VEGE NETcan be used to control Fruit Fly, Cabbage White Butterfly, Heliothis, and egg laying Moths that turn into Caterpillars, plus other leaf eating pests. Vege Net will also provide crop protection against birds and fruit bats.  Maintains good air flow and allows water to pass through easily for watering or irrigation of crops. Provides only 8% shade, is UV stabilised and non-fraying.

                      Vegetables                                               Fruits


    Asian Greens                 Kale                            Citrus                          Pomegranate

    Beans                             Lettuce                       Figs                             Sapote         

    Beetroot                          Potatoes                    Grape                        Star Fruit

    Bok Choy                        Radish                       Guava                       Stone Fruit

    Broccoli                           Silverbeet                  Quince                      Tamarillo

    Cabbage                          Spinach                    Pepino                       Passionfruit

    Cauliflower                      Turnip                        Persimmon                Mango

    Chilli                                Tomato                      Paw Paw


    Vege Net can be used to cover many types of fruit. The best time to cover fruit is early after fruit set.

    Can easily be thrown over a pre-made structure and secured down.  Small wooden stakes with polypipe makes an ideal frame for the structure.

    For seed saving purposes some varieties of vegetables will need the Vege Net removed for essential pollination of flowers.


    Please use as a guide only.

    For more information please contact:

    Greenpatch Organic Seeds

     Ph/Fax: (02) 6551 4240