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  • Amaranth Leaf


    (Amaranthus gangeticus) - Certified Organic Seed - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds

    How to Grow

    Amaranth Leaf is an annual that grows to 2m tall.  It is very hardy, handling dry conditions well but fertile soil is preferred for a larger more robust plant that will result in much more tender tasting greens. It prefers a full sun position but can handle some partial shade which will also soften the leaves. Once cooler weather comes the growth will slow and it will push up to flower. You can either remove this flower head to prolong leaf growth or harvest the grain once mature and use it as you would quinoa.

    Pests include snails, slugs and heliothis caterpillar. Where needed use snail bait and neem to control these pests.

    Plant during Spring & Summer

    Seed packet contains approx. 150 seeds.

    400 seeds/gram.

    Frost Tender

    80 days to leaf harvest


    Amaranth leaves and stems can be used just like spinach. It is high in protein, vitamins and minerals but does contain oxalic acid so it's best used cooked.

    Amaranth Leaf can be used as a microgreen when sown in a seedling tray and eaten young as a garnish or salad addition. It's striking red leaves will add some wonderful colour to salads.

    Your chooks will love it! Plant a small stand of amaranth for your chooks to forage through picking at the leaves, eating insects or let them go to flower and the grain will be a feast for your hens.