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  • Basil - Sweet Perennial Plant


    (Ocimum obovatum) - Certified Organic Plant - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds

    A Sweet perennial basil plant to 1 metre. Bushy habit. Leaves have a sweet tasty aroma. Tolerates light frost. Use fresh or dried in salads and cooking.

    Available all year. Sold in 75mm tube pot.

    Benefits of Perennial Basils

    Unlike the common short lived Sweet Basil which is found in most garden centres this Perennial Basil will grow for more then one season. Perennial Basils are a short lived perennial having a life span of up to 5 years. They produce constant leaf growth allowing for harvest year round. Although growth will slow they will handle minor frosts as well.

    The other main advantage of this Basil is the incredible bee attractant flowers it produces. It will flower all summer long attracting Australian native bees as well as the European honey bee to your garden. With bee health being a big focus world wide we highly recommend one of these plants in your garden.