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    Not to WA or TAS due to quarantine restrictions.

    Island Biologicals BioCast

    Biocast is a living, stabilised liquid vermicast biostimulant carefully produced at Island Biologicals in NSW to create optimum growing ecosystems of symbiotic biology for all plants.

    Scientifically brewed in a wholly aerobic environment to ensure the extraction and retention of beneficial microbes, Biocast is made to a standardized recipe ensuring the same high quality product every time. Similar to worm wee or castings. 

    Biocast can be used on all plants in all growing systems and so far has achieved great results in cut flower and vegetable hydroponics, viticulture, mass planting establishment, home garden enhancement and maintenance, lawn care and bowling green maintenance, industrial hemp, pastures and as an additive to garden soil blends.

    Uses: Use as a foliar spray or as fertigation to the root zone. Dilute as directed on the bottle.

    5L makes up to 100L. Comes with 100ml bottle of Part B.

    20L makes up to 400L. Comes with 500ml bottle of Part B

    Part B is a bio catalyst designed to set the microbiology into a state of proliferation at the time of application.