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  • Broom Millet


    (Sorghum bicolor) - Certified Organic Seed - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds

    Broom Millet is a tall grass like annual growing to 3 metres tall. The decorative straw like flower head can be bundled together forming a natural broom. Brooms are still made today using the dried stalks and flower heads of Broom Millet. The grain can also be used for animal feed.

    We have not found any pests that predate on broom millet in our area. Protect from stock as they may eat the young plants.

    How to Grow

    Sow seeds into a well prepared soil with good nutrient levels to ensure fast tall growth ideally in a full sun position. You can position broom millet as a wind break due to it's dense tall habit. Once established it can handle drier conditions but will grow best with adequate water. Allow plant to flower and set seeds - Once seed is mature you are ready to harvest. Ensure you cut the flower stalk as long as possible as this will determine the length of your broom head. Strip seeds off the head and save for animal feed. Bundle the left over flower stalks together forming up your broom. 

    Sow Spring-Summer

    Sow direct into the garden

    Seed packet contains 75 seeds

    37 seeds/gram.

    90-120 days to maturity


    Broom millet is a multi use plant - Why not position it as a wind break due to it's compact dense upright habit. Make your own brooms using the flower heads. Harvest the seeds and store them for animal feed. Use the rest of the plant as food in your compost or garden mulch. 

    With so many uses why not give this wonderful plant a go.