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  • Calendula officinalis Plant

    Calendula officinalis  --  Certified Organic - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds
    Calendula, also called 'Pot Marigold' is an annual flowering bush to 45cm tall. Grows well in average well drained soil in a sunny position, can be grown in pots or garden as a border plant. Wonderful for bees and other insects. 
    How to Grow

    Calendula can be grown all year, sown direct or in trays - cover seed with 6mm of soil. Transplant seedlings at 4cm to garden, space 30cm apart. They are wonderful on mass, creating a bright display of orange colour, as well as feeding your local bees and insects. If flower heads are left to develop seeds, self-sowing can often take place, creating a continual display of colour. 

    Pests include snails & slugs.Use Organic snail pellets for control.
    This is a live plant in a pot. 
    50-60 days to flowering - deheading will encourage more flowers. 
    The Calendula Officinalis flowers are edible to humans, either dried for a saffron substitute or fresh as a colourful garnish on salads or sweets.