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  • Carrot - Western Red


    (Daucus carota) - Certified Organic Seed - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds

    Western Red Carrot has long tapering roots, with smooth skin and deep orange colour. Carrots to 20cm long. Very hardy variety and disease resistant. 90 days to maturity.

    Pests may include snails & slugs when young or rabbits eating foliage. Try to exclude rabbits using fencing where necessary and Snail and Slug Killer for young seedlings.

    How to Grow

    Carrots prefer a fertile deep soil that is well prepared using manures or compost and forked to loosen. Pick a full sun position during the cooler months or during warmer weather choose an afternoon shade position. Sow seeds direct into well prepared seed beds. There are many 'methods' to sowing carrots for the best germination results. We recommend keeping it simple! Form a shallow furrow, sprinkling seed into the furrow then using your hand very lightly cover the seed with no more then 3mm of soil. Keep consistently moist and you should see germination in 2-3 weeks. They are a very small seed that can easily be covered to deeply causing no germination. Space each furrow 15cm apart. Ensure you minimise weed pressure and start to thin out the biggest carrots after 60-80 days. These can be eaten as baby carrots in stir frys or baked. Full sized carrots will be achieved in 100-120 days depending on the variety.

    Sow Autumn-Spring

    Sow direct in the garden

    Seed packet contains approx. 400 seeds

    700 seeds/gram.

    95 days to harvest


    Use fresh, baked or pickled in various dishes. If you have a glut, place carrots in a bag and store them in the fridge.