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  • Chicory - Sugarloaf


    (Cichorium intybus) - Certified Organic Seed 

    Forming a large elongated head similar in appearance to cos lettuce, this chicory has dense green outer leaves with a pale yellow centre. A somewhat bittersweet walnut like flavour, this variety is a very popular salad green, eaten either fresh or cooked. SOW AUTUMN - SPRING in pots, cover with 5mm of soil. Transplant when 5cm, space plants 30cm apart, maturing in 75 days. Likes a sunny position, handles light frosts. 

    Pests may include snails & slugs when young. Snail and Slug Killer can be used for young seedlings.

    How to Grow

    Chicory prefers to be grown during cooler weather so planting between Autumn and late Winter is ideal. This can vary depending on your local climate.

    Sow seeds in pots and cover with 3mm of soil, keep moist until germinated. Transplant seedlings to the garden at 3-5cm high, preferably in a  full sun position with fertile well drained soil. Spacing plants 30cm apart will give the best results. Snails and slugs can damage the heads so the use of snail pellets or home made traps is recommended. After 80 days you can harvest the centre head. 

    Sow Autumn-Spring

    Sow in pots and transplant to the garden 3-5cm high

    Seed packet contains approx. 80 seeds

    80 days to harvest


    Chicory Sugarloaf is a bitter tasting vegetable that forms a single centre head for harvest. Typically chicory is blanched or steamed to reduce the bitter flavour. Eaten fresh or cooked, very popular in Italian cuisian.