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  • Clover - White HAIFA


    Trifolium repens - Untreated Seed

    Large leafed vigerous perennial legume grown from Autumn through to Spring/Summer. White clover is more winter active and suitable for cooler regions. It is excellent in pasture mixes for grazing off to beef cattle, dairy cattle and sheep. Clover can be broadcast into pasture or direct drilled for best germination. It handles some shade so it can be grown under fruit trees or as a ground cover with taller growing vegetable crops such as corn.

    Plants can also be left to flower being a nectar rich bee plant.

    If allowed to flower seed will be set and it will germinate at the next rain event.

    Use in a mixed pasture with things such as Oats, Rye, Wheat, Barley, Buckwheat, other clovers etc.

    To inoculate seed please purchase White & Red Clover Inoculant seperately.

    Sow during Autumn-summer.

    500g - 1.5kg per acre as a mixed pasture.

    3-5kg per acre stand alone.