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  • Corn Popcorn - Blue Mini


    Zea mays - Organically Grown - Uncertified

    Blue Mini Popcorn is a highly sought after heirloom popcorn variety. Only growing to 1.5m they won't take up too much room in your garden, plus you get multiple cobs per plant. Pop's extremely well and tastes delicious.

    Note: This seed is not 100% pure. It has some red and some cream coloured kernels scattered through with majority blue kernels.

    How to Grow

    Corn is a heavy feeder of key nutrients in your soil, it is important to plant corn in very fertile soil with good moisture holding capacity. You can improve your soil by using compost, animal manures and fertilisers. Choose a full sun position and sow during the warmer months in Spring & Summer. Sow seed direct into the garden by forming a furrow roughly 2cm deep. Sow a couple of seeds together then cover with 2cm of soil and keep moist until germinated. Thin out plants to the strongest seedling once they germinate. Space seeds 20cm apart and try to grow in blocks of at least 10 plants to improve pollination.

    Plants will set cobs between 70-90 days depending on the variety. For popcorn varieties allow the cob to mature on the plant before you harvest. Harvest time is indicated by the colour of the sheath on the cob with 50% of it needing to be brown off before picking. Ideally allow 100% of the sheath to dry off before harvest. 

    Sow spring & summer direct into garden.

    Packet contains approx 70 seeds.

    Open pollinated variety, Non - Hybrid, Non - GMO

    90 days to harvest


    Use dried kernels for making popcorn.

    Corn/Maize Success Story

    We received this seed as part of our corn/maize project. With many heirloom varieties no longer being grown in Australia we felt there was a need to find varieties, get them grown out and re-distribute seeds amongst home gardeners to ensure they are easily available into the future. We received a single packet of Blue Mini popcorn seed that a customer of ours had saved, we then found a grower who had an excellent success growing this variety returning a bucket of seed which has now made it available to all the lucky gardeners out there. We will continue this project into the future and we are always on the lookout for unusual varieties or people willing to grow a crop for us.