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  • Cosmos - Vibrant Orange

    Cosmos sulphureus  --  Certified Organic Seed - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds
    Vibrant Orange Cosmos is a fast growing, sun loving annual to 1.5 metres. Excellent for backdrop, bedding or border plantings, and a colourful cut flower. Bright orange flowers in abundance throughout summer, attracting European & native bees. 

    How to Grow

    Cosmos can be sown directly or in punnets in Spring - Summer. In the garden simply prepare the soil, broadcast the seed and lightly rake over. In trays, cover seed with 4mm of soil - transplant when 5cm, spacing 50cm apart. Cosmos is a fast grower, in some cases where conditions are ideal plants may need staking or anchoring to a fence for support.

    Cosmos is relatively pest free.

    Seed packet contains approx 80 seeds.

    Approx. 125 Seeds per gram.

    90 days to Flowering - deadhead to prolong flowering season.


    Bee and insect friendly, bright cut flower. Beautiful and striking colour display in the garden. Tall - good for colour height at the back of flower display.