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  • Cucumber - African Horned


    (Cucumis metuliferous) - Certified Organic Seed - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds

    African Horned cucumber produces fruit to 15cm long that have 1cm spines on the skin, orange at maturity. Sweet green jelly-like flesh inside. Four times the Vitamin C of oranges. Summer salad vegetable likes rich well watered soil. Grow as a ground spreader or on a trellis.

    How to Grow

    African Horned Cucumber is a vigorous vine that can be grown on trellises or on the ground. It will handle poor soils relatively well. Sow seeds direct into garden or in pots then transplant when 5cm high. Mulch around plant to reduce water usage and reduce weed pressure. After 80 days plants will begin to set fruit which can be eaten when green or let mature to an orange colour. Note: The fruit has some large spikes - It is recommended to use gloves when handling.

    Tip: Ensure you don't fertilize too heavily with nitrogen or over water as this will promote excess leaf growth. This also tends to promote male flowers but no female flowers which are needed for fruit production.

    Sow Spring-Summer

    Packet contains approx 45 seeds.

    90 days to harvest


    Fruit is eaten fresh as a snack or in salads. It is a unusual flavour and something not everyone will like.