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  • Gourd - New Guinea Bean


    Lagenaria siceraria - Certified Organic Seed - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds

    New Guinea Bean is a annual spreading vine that can be grown on the ground or along a fence/trellis. Fruits grow to 1.3m long but harvest at 20cm and eat as you would a zucchini. Commonly used in Indian and Asian cooking.

    How to Grow

    New Guinea Bean is a fast growing rambling vine that can either be grown on the ground or if a trellis is provided they will make use of it. They need good soil to do well so it is recommended to choose a fertile position where they will receive full sun. In extreme heat locations a part shade position can help reduce stress on their large leaf surface. A trellis can be anything from a wire fence, verandah or teepee made from tomato stakes, bamboo or even sturdy sticks. Sow your seeds below the climbing structure to give the vines a easy job of latching on. Ensure you do not over water them during the germination stage as this may cause rotting. Once germinated provide a good mulch later around the plant. During the growing season you may need to assist the plant with latching onto your structure.

    Pests are minimal.

    Sow spring-summer direct into garden or pots then transplant at 8cm high.

    Packet contains approx 20 seeds.

    90 days to harvest


    Harvest young New Guinea Beans when they are around 3cm thick for use similar to that of zucchini and squash. They are also used commonly is stews and soups. Once they get larger then this the flesh is not as pleasant for eating.