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  • Lettuce - Green Salad Bowl


    Lactuca sativa - Certified Organic Seed

    Green Salad Bowl is a soft green frilly loose leaf lettuce ideal for side picking. Continual harvest during Autumn/winter. Harvest as a side pick variety or cut whole plant. Slower to bolt, can be grown all year, yet prefers light shade in middle of summer heat. 

    How to Grow

    Lettuce is a fast growing relatively simple salad green to grow. It's best to sow seeds into pots or punnets, cover with 3mm of soil and keep moist until germinated. Once your seedlings are 5cm high you can transplant them into a full sun or part shade position. Choose a position that is relatively fertile to ensure you get a constant harvest over a long period. 

    Note: Lettuce can be grown out of season in warmer weather such as early summer or late summer. Choose a position in the garden that receives shade from 2pm onwards for best results. Keep in the mind the plants won't grow for as long and they won't get as large as a winter crop.

    Lettuce is prone to slug and snail attack. We recommend Protect Us Snail pellets to combat them.

    For Cool/Cold climates sow Spring-Autumn. All other climates sow Autumn-Spring.

    Sow in pots then transplant to the garden at 5cm high

    Seed packet contains approx. 300 seeds

    800 seeds/gram.

    45 days to leaf harvest


    Leaves are harvested constantly for use in salads, sandwiches etc