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  • Petersen Hoe


    Australian Made Hand Forged Tools

    Handy Petersen Hoe
    A light tool with roughly 70mm of cutting blade ideal for chipping in gardens, aerating around fruit trees etc. Handle length varieties with this product. Short handle is 65cm long and long handle is 105cm.

    Standard Petersen Hoe 
    A strong tool with roughly 95mm of cutting blade ideal for chipping in gardens, around fruit trees and heavier digging applications similar to that of a maddock. Tool is lightweight. Handle length is 105cm.

    If you are sick of breaking tools that your local ‘mega store’ stocks then these tools are for you. They are made from a single piece of steel so there is no weak weld points and forged into shape by an experienced heirloom tool maker in Victoria. All tools are fitted with an Australian Hardwood handle.

    Assembled tool head & handle is over 105cm which only allows us to use a courier for shipping which results in more expensive shipping costs.

    Disassembled tool head is a single screw removed so the tool head can be taken off the handle and shipped to you easier. It is simple to put back together with a screw driver.