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    Pomegranate - Shepherds Special


    (Punica granatum) - Certified Organic Plant - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds

    A popular old variety producing large red/orange fruit up to 700g. A sweet/tart flavoured fruit with bright red/crimson flesh. Use it as a garnish, in deserts or cold drinks and in salads. Depending on your climate harvest will range from February - June

    Very hardy plant that will handle conditions ranging from poorer dry soils to very fertile well drained positions. Poor soils should still be improved with manures and organic matter to improve growth and harvest. Full sun to part shade positions.

    Maintain plant height to a maximum of 2m to allow easy covering with netting so fruit is protected from birds and pests.

    Available all year. Sold in 100mm tube pots. Grown from cuttings.

    Note: This plant is winter dormant.