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  • Sweet Potato - Beauregard Plant


    Ipomea batatus - Certified Organic Plants - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds

    Orange Beauregard Sweet Potato is an extremely popular root vegetable producing elongated edible tubers during Summer and Autumn. Young leaves and shoots can also be eaten in salads or lighly steamed. Sweet potato is a vigorous grower. As the stems grow, bury a small section every 1 metre to promote rooting/potatoes forming.

    Suitable for growing in gardens as a companion plant below fruiting trees providing a ground cover stopping any weeks pushing through. Full sun to part shade.

    How to Grow Sweet Potato

    Sweet potato is a very popular vegetable that is often confused as being in the same family at potatoes. Sweet Potatoes are in fact completely different therefor need to be grown differently! Sweet Potato are not grown from seed instead they are grown from slips which are a shoot grown from a mature sweet potato plant. We do the hard work for you and propagate the slips then pot them into a 75mm tube pot ready to plant out.

    Once you receive our sweet potato plants you will need to plant the pot into your garden or container and then bury roughly 30-40cm of the stem to promote root growth along the stem. If your plant does not have this much growth on it upon arrival, wait for it to grow around 60cm long then bury the oldest 30-40cm of stem. This is where your sweet potato tubers will form!

    After 6-8 months of growth during the warmer summer months it is time to dig around the area you planted your sweet potato to harvest the lovely tubers that have formed.