Seed Awareness

Where Are Our Seeds & Plants Grown?

Firstly we are proud to say at Greenpatch Organic Seeds we grow:

  • 230+ varieties of Certified Organic Seeds 
  • 500+ varieties of live plants are propagated in our Certified Organic Nursery

Growing such a large number of varieties gives us a strong insight into how varieties handle the Australian climate. We employ locals and are very focused on supporting our surrounding local business where possible.

The majority of our seeds are grown onsite at Greenpatch Farm with a handful of seed growers throughout Australia supporting us and the seed industry by producing seeds, using organic principals and methods.

We pride ourselves in supporting Australian growers and truly produce as many varieties as possible ourselves! In most cases, our imported seed is only used when no other option is available to ensure a extensive range of vegetables, herbs, flowers and grains. The fact that some seed varieties have to be imported, sadly shows a lacking number of sufficient seed growers in Australia.

Where are the seeds you buy in grown?

We feel like this is a topic that is mostly hidden in the seed industry. We want to make it clear where we get our seeds from, what labelling actually means and how you can be sure of your seed supplier.

Most of the bought in heirloom, open pollinated, organic seeds available for purchase online come from overseas. Why? Because it is more economical and easier to buy in seed and re-sell. This may come as a surprise, but most seed companies don't grow their seeds! We are part of the select few who actually grow our own seeds and sell direct to the customer. (please see below where our seeds are grown)


A lot of people are aware that they need to ensure the product is labelled certified organic or at least organic to ensure you are buying a organic product. It's easy online for labelling to be relaxed and inaccurate. We have seen this on other websites so we are making sure you understand to read the label whether you are buying Organic  or Untreated Seed.

Certified Organic 

Certified Organic Seed - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds  on our site this means you are buying a product that is grown at Greenpatch and certified organic.

Certified Organic Plants - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds means you are buying a plant that is grown at Greenpatch and certified organic.

Certified Organic Seed is an organically grown product that is supplied to us by other organic growers in Australia or overseas suppliers who are certified to the national organic standard.

Organically Grown 

Organically Grown - Uncertified do not carry organic certification. These lines are grown using organic practices and without the use of artificial fertilisers, chemical herbicides and chemical pesticides but the grower cannot justify the cost of becoming certified organic. We often know these producers personally and trust their organic practices.

Untreated Seed

Untreated Seed means it is not grown organically but it doesn't have any chemical seed treatment on the seed surface. These seeds are grown conventionally and sold as non-organic seed. This is the biggest grey area amongst other seed business with 'untreated seed' often being sold next to 'organic seed' or even within their 'organic seeds links'. We have deliberately separated and purposefully labeled these differently for total transparency for our customers. 

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