Become A Re-Seller

Do you want to stock Heirloom Seeds and Organic Plants?

Why choose our seeds?

- Greenpatch Organic Seeds is one of Australia's most trusted seed brands with 22 years in the seed saving industry..

- We grow 200 varieties of seeds on our certified organic property.

- We actually grow, harvest, clean and pack seeds all on one site reducing our carbon footprint.

- All our seed varieties are non-hybrid, non-GMO, non-treated seeds.

- Heirloom seeds are well known for exceptional flavour and strong disease resistance

Organic Plants

- Greenpatch were early pioneers of the certified organic nursery establishing it in 1994.

- We produce over 400 varieties of nursery plants on site with around 180 offered at wholesale rates.

- Large range of herbs, edibles, flowering cottage garden plants and succulents.

- Our plants come with colour labels where possible and in some cases hand written labels are supplied for rare varieties. All labels have our organic certification listed.

To meet our wholesale criteria we require you to:

- Re-sell our products in your garden centre, health food shop or at markets.

- You cannot purchase our wholesale products for your own use.

- Hold a current ABN

It's that simple!

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OGA Certified Organic Seed Packets

Organic Herb's - 75mm Tube