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  • M'Lady Ann Fancy Leaf Zonal Geranium Plants
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  • Geranium Zonal - M'Lady Ann


    Pelargonium hortorum - Certified Organic Plants - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds

    M'Lady Ann Fancy Leaf Zonal Geranium is a compact upright bush to 30cm. The single salmon flower adds a nice contrast to the gold leaf with a zigzag brown pattern. Ideal in a pot, rockery or as a border plant. The cooler weather during Autumn and Winter intensifies the leaf colours. A special garden hybrid selection.

    Fancy Leaf Geraniums or Zonal Geraniums grow as a shrubby perennial with stunning colour zones on the upper surface of the leaf. Some have a distinct darker zone around the leaf edge.

    Prefers a mostly sunny position sheltered from excess rain. Easily grown in pots, or garden beds. Evergreen foliage year round. Allow the soil to dry out before the next watering. 

    Part shade - Full sun position.

    Sold in 100mm squat pot.